audio-Technica Air Dynamic Headphones ATH-ADX5000【Japan Domestic genuine products】


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  • ◆ TYPE: Open Air Dynamic type / ◆ Driver: φ 58 mm, magnetic circuit using permendur
  • ◆ Output sound pressure level: 100 dB / mW / ◆ Reproduction frequency band: 5 to 50,000 Hz / ◆ Maximum input: 1,000 mW / ◆ Impedance: 420 Ω
  • ◆ Weight: about 270 g (excluding cord)
  • ◆ Input terminal: A2DC connector jack / ◆ Plug: φ 6.3 mm gold plated stereo standard plug
  • ◆ accessories: ● 3.0 m detachable cord (φ 6.3 mm gold plated stereo standard plug) / ● Hard case / ● Japanese Instruction Manual
Product features ★ A breathtaking feeling of air, a sense of presence that can not be worded. ★ Newly developed baffle integrated type φ 58 mm driver ● Everything is for sound. Driver configuration that maximizes the performance of large aperture. ◆ Equipped with “baffle integrated type” φ 58 mm driver for hard resin (PPS) molding. ● By combining the baffle with the driver, we narrow down the parts composition and limit unnecessary sound distortion to the limit. ● Transmission to a tungsten coated diaphragm, a carbide material that improves response while maintaining the purity of sound by “magnetic permeability made in Germany” with high magnetic flux density. ● Since the energy that the magnetic force inherently can be transmitted without loss, the ideal sound close to the sound source can be obtained. ★ Adopted a special honeycomb punching housing made in Japan. ● The craftsmen’s press technology by Japanese craftsmen can maximize the driving force of the driver and the linearity of the diaphragm. ★ Audio Technica proprietary core mount technology (PAT.P). ● In order to fully demonstrate the performance of newly developed drivers that realize broadband playback, we worked on a new design. ● It plays a missing sound with a very natural sound field for the sound source. ★ Pursuing thoroughly the most important wearing feeling by long-term home listening. ◆ Good touch, adopted Italian made Alcantara excellent in durability and breathability for ear pad & headband. ◆ Magnesium molded frame & arm thin, light and rigid. ◆ Pursuit of acoustic design up to the composition of parts and material selection, weight reduction to 270 g. ◆ Left and right out, left and right independent 3.0 core code of the structure. ◆ Hybrid conductor combining 6N-OFC and OFC adopted for high-end audio. ◆ A2DC connector pursuing stable signal transmission and reliable connectivity. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By “Newsbridge” ★ ★ ※