ELECOM Stereo Headphone “GIRLS LOVE SOUND” EHP-CN600A2 (Gossip Pink)【Japan Domestic genuine products】


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  • ● TYPE: Sealed type (ear plug type) / ● Driver unit: dynamic type φ 8.8 mm
  • ● Impedance: 16 Ω / ● Sound pressure sensitivity: 90 dB / mW / ● Maximum input: 5 mW / ● Reproduction frequency band: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • ● Code: 1.2 m (Y type) / ● Plug: φ 3.5 mm 3 pole mini plug (L type)
  • ● Weight: about 13 g (without cord)
  • ◆ accessories: ● Ear cap (XS / S / M / L) / ● Japanese Instruction Manual
Product features ★ ★ I want to be cute even for ear moto! Straightforward stereo headphones “Sweetly shining trend color” coloring ear moto “GIRLS LOVE SOUND”. ★ Stereo headphones that cute the female ear moto “GIRLS LOVE SOUND” ● It is a stereo headphone “GIRLS LOVE SOUND” that cute the female ear moto. While compact, it plays a wide range of sounds, achieving clear high sound quality. ★ Adopted a dynamic driver of φ 8.8 mm ● It adopts a dynamic driver of φ 8.8 mm, and realizes a high region with clear feeling, a middle region with transparency, and a rich low region. ★ Reproduce sounds made with good responsiveness ● By adopting a PET film of only 6.0 microns on the diaphragm, it reproduces the sound which was made to have a good response. ★ Realize clear sound quality in wide range ● By adopting a lightweight CCAW voice coil, it improves the response of vibration, achieving clear sound quality in a wider range. ★ Dynamic and crisp bass realized ● By adopting a high magnetic neodymium magnet, we realize a dynamic and sharp bass. ★ Adopted high rigidity aluminum ● By adopting highly rigid aluminum for the front and rear housing, it suppresses unnecessary vibration generated from the driver yoke, faithfully reproduces the music signal from the diaphragm, and improves light weight and robustness. ★ Reproduce the expansive and expanding high region ● The code employs a separate ground (4 wire type) that suppresses crosstalk and reproduces the expansive and expanded high range. ★ With an ear cap with a choice of fit ● An ear cap is included so that a fit can be chosen. It comes with 4 sizes including general S · M · L size plus even smaller XS size. ★ Ear plug type fitting to ear ● High sound insulation, ear plug type that fits the ear, it can be worn without worrying about disorder of hair style. ※ ◆ Detailed description: Newsbridge