ELECOM Stereo Headphone “Groove Gangsta aka emperor” EHP-CN210AGD (Gold)【Japan Domestic genuine products】


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  • ● TYPE: Sealed type (Canal type) / ● Driver unit: Dynamic type (φ 8.5 mm)
  • ● Impedance: 16 Ω / ● Sound pressure sensitivity: 90.5 dB / mW / ● Maximum input: 10 mW / ● Reproduction frequency band: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • ● Code: 1.2 m (Y type) / ● Plug: φ 3.5 mm 3 pole mini plug (L type) / ● Weight: about 5 g (not including code)
  • ◆ accessories: ● Ear cap (XS / S / M / L) / ● Multilingual User’s Manual
  • ● Multilingual User’s Manual URL(PDF):
Product features ★ Metallic feeling that shines in B type fashion and street fashion. Stereo headphone that realizes amazing high sound quality with a small body “Groove Gangsta aka emperor”. ● It is a stereo headphone “Groove Gangsta aka emperor” which realizes high resolution and a distinctive high region, medium region with transparency, rich low region. ● B series fashion and street fashion shine in metallic colors. ● By adopting a PET film of only 6.5 microns on the diaphragm, it reproduces the sound which was made to have a good response. ● By adopting neodymium magnet, we realize a good bass sound. ● Bass expression by bass port of original design is improving. ● The code employs a separate ground (4 wire type) that suppresses crosstalk and reproduces the expanding and expanding high frequency range. ● By adopting a shape that changes continuously from a circular shape to a triangular shape in the cabinet, unnecessary standing waves are reduced and flat characteristics are realized. ● It is an ear plug type which is high in sound insulation and fits to your ear. ● Since it is an ear plug type, there is no worry that the hair style will be disturbed. ● The cord has a slider that prevents headphones wandering and dusting during storage. ● The length of the cord is 1.2 meters which makes it easy to connect even if you put the player in your bag. ● The L type plug which can be connected compactly is adopted on the main unit connection side. ● An ear cap is included so that a fit can be chosen. It comes with 4 sizes including a general S · M · L size plus a smaller XS size. ※ ◆ Detailed description: Newsbridge