HDMI 3D television switch matrix


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One reason: for every TV set with several sets of broadcast equipment is not realistic The television to watch digital TV, network TV, WX TV, DVD, monitoring and so on, these functions are playing devices rely on a variety of emerging to realize, from the current development trend of view of audio-visual, TV will gradually evolved into a display terminal of the family, the ordinary family will buy more and more of the audio-video playing device, this device including: 1, based on digital TV set-top box coaxial cable transmission: the traditional cable TV, a family will buy at least more than digital TV set-top box for, and with the evolution of technology, the set-top box that the future will introduce more; 2, based on the broadband network transmission IPTV set-top box: there are many telecom broadband users to install this set-top box, the user can freely on demand show they like, need not be confined to television broadcast sequence limit. 3, based on satellite TV receiver Wei Wei & & Star transmission: currently above the earth runs dozens of radio communication satellite & star, watch the Wei & Star TV will become an irresistible trend. Player 4, unceasing evolution: from DVD to the most popular now all player, frequent pattern XX box and so on, more and more multimedia playing equipment. 5, the current monitoring system: more and more into ordinary families, many users want to be able to arbitrarily at home on a television to watch the picture monitoring system, it can be said is one of the important video source monitoring system.