JVC Kids Headphones (Yellow) 【HA-KS2-Y】【Domestic Japan Genuine】


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  • ※ ◆ The age of this product is over 3 years old.
  • ● Type: Dynamic type / ● Output sound pressure level: 85 dB / 1 mW / ● Reproduction frequency band: 15 Hz to 23,000 Hz / ● Maximum allowable input: 200 mW
  • ● Cable: 0.8 m (single-sided cable) / ● OFC cable / ● Input plug: φ 3.5 mm stereo mini plug Mass (without cable): about 110 g
  • ● Mass (without cable): about 110 g
  • ◆ accessories: ● 4 stickers
Product features ★ Low sensitivity design and small band adopted for children’s ears ★ Colorful headphones appeared for kids! ◆ Low sensitivity design with consideration for children’s ears ● The output sound pressure level was set to low sensitivity of 85 dB / 1 mW in consideration of the damage to the ear due to misoperation of volume etc. (85 dB is the volume inside the train of a train while driving) ◆ Adopted a small band and finger-tight design that fits the child’s head ● Adopting a compact band that is easy to fit on the head of a child. Moreover, in order to prevent children from pinching your fingers during wearing, we designed it with less gaps. ◆ Seven level number display that you can easily adjust the length of the band yourself ● You can easily adjust the headband length according to your own head size by the seven-step number display placed on the slider part. ◆ Children can enjoy stickers Included & wide sticker adopted wide slider ● Included a fun sticker to paste (A7 size × 4 sheets). You can enjoy your own design by sticking your favorite sticker on a wide slider part. ◆ Adopted a soft ear pad that is comfortable to wear for a long time ◆ Easy to understand L / R (left / right) display ● By displaying L / R which is easy to see on the housing part, it prevents right and left mistake. ◆ Adopts easy-to-handle single-out cable