Panasonic digital high-definition video camera Z10000 3D support double SD card slot Black HDC-Z10000-K (International Model)


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  • Full HD Stereoscopic 3D Recording 6x CMOS Sensors – 2.2 Mp Each
  • Dual Integrated 10x Lenses (12x in 2D) 18″ Minimum Object Distance in 3D
  • Auto & Manual Convergence Adjustment Manual Rings for Focus, Iris & Zoom
  • Multi View Coding (MVC) Recording in 3D 1080p60 AVCHD Recording in 2D
  • Dual XLR Inputs 2D/3D Still Image Recording
The Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Twin-Lens 2D/3D Camcorder has dual lenses and twin Full HD 3MOS imagers, and as such it joins a burgeoning class of affordable, single-body 3D-capable handheld camcorders. But it introduces to this category those three-chip imagers and also true convergence adjustment, which alters the angular orientation of the two 10x zoom lenses. This control facilitates fine control over the location of the “image plane” – the plane from which objects seem to either jump or recede as you’re watching them on the big screen, or on the Z10000 camcorder’s glasses-free 3.2″ LCD monitor. Convergence can be set to adjust automatically, or you can turn a manual dial to make the lenses’ sights diverge or move toward parallel. The lenses shoot fairly wide at a 35mm equivalent of 32mm when in 3D mode, which gives more options for placing foreground/background elements in a 3D scene or for shooting indoors. For close-ups, the minimum object distance is also quite impressive for a 3D camera at about 18″ in 3D. The camcorder also puts manual control over focus, zoom, and iris at the operator’s fingertips in the form of three rings at the base of the dual lenses. Alternatively, you can operate the camera under iA (“intelligent auto”) mode and let the Z10000 choose the optimal shooting mode, turning on face detection, contrast control, and optical image stabilization as needed.