PENTAX 645 d medium format DSLR camera about 40 million images body large great 645 d CCD sensor


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  • With a large CCD sensor of 44 × 33mm (about 1.7 times the area ratio of 35 mm). Expressive power in a 35 mm could not be obtained, stimulate the creative impulse of the photographer.
  • About 40 million effective pixels. This is a high-resolution equivalent professional use in the studio, on high-quality digital camera back.
  • The image processing engine PRIME II. Processing power and advanced algorithms to process data faster 40M, seeking to produce a high-quality medium format photographers.
  • Airtight system to overcome dust-proof and drip-proof structure, the dust, rain. Work with excellent accuracy even in harsh conditions rain or dust, and cold climates, we record the decisive moment.
  • When I press the DISP button to display the status screen on the monitor. You can be checked at a glance the contents of various shooting settings.
I was wowed photographer descriptive power is cut even take airy, high image quality is “Is this a 8 × 10” and. New world which can not be expressed only in a digital medium format camera spread there. ● air feeling and the sense of depth that attracts photographers with large CCD sensor of 44 × 33mm. ● about 40 million effective pixels. High resolution, which corresponds to a high quality digital camera backs used in professional studios. ● low-pass filter-less design concept design, fully utilizing the power of the lens. ● Mount 645AF2 adopted, inheritance and evolution of asset rich lens. ● finish the image with a custom image of eight new species were added to expand the world of expression. ● equipped with dual memory card slot, streamlines the management of the work. ● to achieve quiet operation low shock I do not think the medium format, mirror shock suppression mechanism operating noise. ● Body robust and lightweight magnesium alloy exterior resistant to shock. ● produce high operating accuracy and stability, die-cast aluminum chassis. ● Dust-proof and drip-proof structure in which to pursue the outdoor field reliability.