Pioneer Hi-Res Hand-Crafted Air Studios Monitor Reference Stereo Headphones, Black SE-MASTER1


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  • Nothing is held back in the production of these flagship headphones. Each SE-MASTER1 is assembled by a master specialist at the Tohoku Pioneer Plant, Yamagata Prefecture
  • The lightweight, 25μ-THICK aluminum diaphragm is treated with a ceramic coating to add rigidity, enhance its natural performance, and deliver excellent sound quality
  • Our specialists used Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) to select, prototype and test the best materials for the diaphragm and magnetic circuits, ensuring superb sound characteristics and clarity
  • The SE-MASTER1s are capable of reproducing high-resolution audio of up to 85,000 Hz, more than double the minimum requirement for high-res headphones (40,000 Hz)
  • Each SE-MASTER1 is engraved with its own serial number, making it unique to you
Pioneer’s history in quality audio equipment began 80 years ago, with the vision of ‘delivering the joy of music to people far and wide’. In 1937, we produced the A-8, the first dynamic speaker to be produced in Japan, and we have been committed to high fidelity sound reproduction ever since. Whether we are making home speakers, car speakers or headphones, our focus is always on the pure, faithful reproduction of sound. We have been developing and producing ground-breaking headphones for more than half a century, starting with the SE-1 headphones in 1960. Now we’re writing the next chapter in our long history of technical supremacy and purity in sound design.