Questyle Audio CMA800i Headphone Amplifier & DAC


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  • A world-class DAC section
  • True DSD
  • IIR digital filter
  • A separate preamp section
The Questyle Audio CMA800i headphone amplifier section features Questyle’s patented “Current Mode Amplification” design used in their flagship headphone amplifier, the CMA800R. Questyle Audio CMA800i accepts the DSD bit-stream directly from your computer, bypassing your computer’s audio processing and digital volume control as well as the Questyle Audio CMA800i’s digital filters, to provide True DSD, the way it was meant to be heard, without requiring expensive difficult to install proprietary connectors. The ultra-low 0.00026% distortion, ultra wide bandwidth, up to 850kHz (+0, -3dB), and super-current pure class A architecture enables the CMA800i’s amplification to be unparalleled among all-in-one & DAC headphone amp models.