SainSonic Rainbow Series 2013 Newest Economical Pink Version UNIVERSAL 3D Rechargeable Infrared Active Shutter Glasses For Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG, Toshiba, Philips 3D HDTVs, Cost Less, Enjoy More!


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  • Improved Design: Portable,Light Weight and Comfortable for long time wearing.
  • Better Viewing: Wider vision making the viewing experience Superior.
  • Green consumption: Recharge with micro USB cable.3 hours recharging provides 50 hours operation.
  • Easy Operating: Simple One Button Operation w/ Auto Shut Off, detailed user manual attached.
  • Come with original 1-year warranty backed by SainStore, 24*7 Email Support, But with confidence!

Note Before Purchasing:

Be sure you purchase the right glasses with Compatibility list provided bellow. If you are not sure,
please feel free to consult our customer service.

Compatible 3D HDTVs List:

3D Ready DLP TVs:

Mitsubishi: WD-833 WD-65C8 WD-735 WD-736WD-737 WD-835 WD-837 LaserVue L65-A90

Samsung: HL61A750A1F HLT6198S DLP HDTV

3D Ready Projectors:


Mitsubishi: XD600U XD600U-G


Dell: 1610HD M210X M410HD S300 S300W

Vivitek: D508 D509 D510 D511 D535 D825MX

NEC: NP216 Projectiondesign F10 AS3D

Sharp: PG-D2710X D3010X D3510X D45X3D

ViewSonic: PJD5112 / 6210-3D / 6211 / 6220-3D /6221 / 6253 / 6251 / 6381 / 5233 / 5133 / 5523W / 7382/ PLED-W200 / SD7

Acer: H5360 P1100 P1200 P1203 P5205 S5201M S5200 S5201 P5290 P5206 U5200 P3251 6510BD
P1206 M114 P1101 P1201 X1110 D302 D101E X1261P X1213P X1213PH X1211K X1211

BenQ: MP511+ MP612C MP626 MP670 MP722 MP772 ST MP776 ST BPS527 TS5275 TX762ST EP4227C EP4127C TX510 TS500 MW860USTi MS500+ MW516 MP780ST+ TX615 TH700 EP5328 TW516 MW712 W710ST W700 W1070

Optoma: EW531 EW536 GT360 Pro350W TX762 3DW1 HD33 IS500 XE151 DM3505 DK3902 DN3613 X118 XE3503 XE149 EX779P EX779 EX762 EX665UT EX610ST EX565UT EX551 EX539 EW775 EW610ST EW533ST ES551 HD5101 DM181 D411D HD141X DX346 W311 HD25LV HD26 W313 H26 X312

NOTE: Do Not Compatible with Epson Projector