Stereo Headset Controller Adapter Cable for Xbox One & Turtle Beach Headset New


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  • Replace the adapter cable came with the Xbox 1
  • High quality stereo sound just like the original one
  • 17 Inches long in length. All functions still work same
  • Special custom design to work with Xbox1
This is the replacement cable adapter that if you lost the adapter cable that comes with your Xbox One Stereo headset adapter, then this cable will replace that cable, you will get same quality stereo sound output, able to control, same function as the original one came with the XBox. The Adapter has a gold plate male 3.5mm 4 poles plug for maximum stereo sound quality to plug into the music adapter of the Xbox, the other end is the adapter 2.5mm female that you can use any headset with a 2.5mm male plug such as Turtle Beach Headset ( not included ). This is a custom design adapter especially to be used with the Xbox One Controller. Please note, only adapter included, not the XBox One controller nor the Turtle beach headset included.