TGS-900 Premium Wireless Audio Tour Guide System: Lightweight headsets; Hands free microphone; After-sales support (1 Transmitter, 10 Receivers with Stereo Headphones)


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  • CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND – 25 channels allows multiple tours with purchase of additional equipment.
  • UP TO 600-FOOT RANGE – Perfect for mobile events, multi-station tours or large rooms with poor acoustics.
  • HANDS-FREE -The transmitter and stereo headphones offer convenient, hands-free operation.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Suspends gently around the neck for comfort and hardhat compatibility.
  • QUALITY TESTED – Used by leading companies and featured system at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2018)

Your Search for the Perfect Stereo Tour Guide System Is Finally Over!

After purchasing the TGS-900 Wireless Tour Guide System with stereo headphones, here is what you should do:

– Rip open the Amazon box when it arrives at your door and check out how light, yet sturdy the equipment is.
– You will be holding in your hands the ideal accessory for conducting tours, employee training, language interpretation and more.
– Built-in lithium ion batteries provide up to 16 hours of operation in the transmitter and 25 hours for the receivers following 2 hours of charging. (Batteries must be charged for a complete cycle before first time use.)
– No hassle with changing out batteries or carrying around spares.
– The integrated charging case weighs only 10 lbs.

A full 5-year limited warranty comes with each purchase.


The TGS-900 is perfect for:
– Travel tours
– Brewery tours
– Segway tours
– Walking tours
– Employee training
– Cruise ship tours
– Museum tours
– Campus tours
– Language interpretation
– Historic tours
– Industrial tours

Package Contents

1 Transmitter with Headset Microphone
10 Receivers with 10 stereo headphones
1 Soft-Sided Carrying Case with 12-Slot Drop-in Charging Rack


Portable Transmitter: Hands-free headset microphone, lanyard worn transmitter with microphone jack, LCD display, channel and volume controls
Transmitter and Receiver Frequency: 903-927 MHz (1 MHz spacing between channels)
Portable Receiver: Hands-free, lanyard worn receivers with earphone jack, LCD display, channel and volume controls. Paired with stereo headphones.
12-Slot Power Supply: AC/DC adapter
Transmission Range: 600+ ft
Volume Control: Levels from 0-16
25 Channels: Provides the ability to conduct 25 tours simultaneously with additional guide equipment.