VIE STYLE VIE SHAIR 【Wireless Air Headphones】 (White)


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  • ● Continuous usable time: 8 hours (Bluetooth) / ● Wireless compatible: Bluetooth 4.2, BLE, 2.4 GHz (on air)
  • ● Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • ● Input terminal: 3.5 mm audio, microphone jack
  • ● Battery: lithium polymer battery (micro USB charging)
  • ● Body weight: 270 g
Product features ◆ Amazing wearing feeling “Air comfort ● VIE SHAIR uses flexible and durable special resin used for eyeglasses and the like, “3D Airframe” designed according to the human body makes it possible to enjoy music without touching the ear with the body, so stress at the time of wearing is low It is the world’s first wireless air headphone that does not cause pain even if it is attached for a long time. ◆ Realization of different dimension “air sound” ● As a result of pursuing a natural music experience like listening to music with open air, it brings an open and powerful “sound of miracle” as if listening to music at live venues and studios. ◆ A whole new way of enjoying sharing music ● In addition, it carries “on-air function” that shares music wirelessly, and within 30 meters, you can share as many headphones as you can. Couples, friends, listening to music together, silent disco etc, fun extends. ◆ Full color LED glows in your favorite color ● VIE SHAIR is equipped with full-color LED rings and will entertain you with its appearance. With a smartphone, it is possible to switch colors between blue, red, yellow, green, white and of course you can turn it off.